Online Exam Rules

I.T Olympiad 2020, welcomes all schools / junior colleges and their students!

  • Schools/ Junior colleges participating in the contest should be affiliated, registered or recognized by the State or Central education boards as also International boards.
  • School/ Junior colleges desirous of participating in the contest should, prior to participating be registered with us through our website or through our official associates.
  • All participating schools/ junior colleges should provide for the exclusive use of their participants, a computer lab with a minimum of 10 computers and Internet connectivity with a minimum speed of 512 KBPS (non-shared).
  • If student giving exam form home, he/she need to manage PC, Laptop, smartphone with Internet connectivity.
  • For the online exam, each participant shall receive their individual username and password to login individually.

Selection and Results:

  • Top Score Method: In the normal course, the participant with the higher score in the shortest time span for the given exam track will be shortlisted for next level. However, in the event of two or more participants getting the same score, the one who completes the same in the shortest time will be given priority in selection.
  • Decision of the Organizers in this regard shall be final and cannot be questioned.
  • P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design & Art may at their discretion at any stage change or include additional/ alternative test methods not previously disclosed for the IT Olympiad Online Exams at any or all levels. Participants may request for knowing the latest selection criterion by sending a mail to:
  • The selection criteria of such tests will be announced prior to the date of examination for the applicable level.
  • To ensure wider participation, P.A. Inamdar College of VEDA reserves an absolute and unquestionable right to restrict the number of entries per institute/ testing center in the India finals. No enquiries or petitions in this regard will be entertained.
  • The top 3 scorers in each category from each school or junior college shall be eligible to participate in the final round of the contest.
  • The results of the final round shall be declared in GRAND AWARD CEROMONY at MCE Society, Azam Campus, Pune. Students along with their respective coordinators are expected to be present.
  • The criterion for selecting a winner is the time taken to finish the examination. The candidate with the highest score in the minimum time shall stand selected.

Technical Requirement

Technical Requirements for all categories of participants:

To attempt the online exam for IT Olympiad Round 1 at your school/ college or home, each student must have

  • Accesses to a personal computer with internet connectivity which in addition has to have a functioning keyboard and mouse.
  • All such computers must be tested by attempting online practice examinations/ mock exam well in advance to the date of the final exam to allow time to correct any technical problems with software and/or hardware


Basic: In this examination, audio device, microphone and/ or headphones are not needed

Operating systems and browsers:

IT Olympiad exam supports the following operating systems with the latest available versions of the indicated browser(s):

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Mozilla Firefox latest updated version
  • Google Chrome latest updated version

Other Requirements

IT Olympiad does not support the use of Asian characters.

This exam support sans-serif family fonts and UTF-8

Some suggestions:

  • All participating schools/ junior colleges should provide for the exclusive use of their participants, a computer lab with a minimum of 10 computers and Internet connectivity with a minimum speed of 512 KBPS (non-shared).
  • Minimum bandwidth as mentioned must be maintained for the duration of the test and must not be contended. A bandwidth checker could be used though only as a guide since its result is no guarantee that suitable bandwidth will be available for the session.
  • Schools with lower numbers of computers compared to aspiring students could conduct the examination in batches thus giving a chance to all its students. Alternatively or where the existing computers are not up to the desired levels, the school administration could conduct the proceedings of the examination at another location. Irrespective of the choice that a participating school/ junior college makes, it is advisable to conduct the same to the extent possible in an area where one has complete control which could be one’s own school/ junior college or any other location.
  • Whatever decision the participating school/ junior college takes, it should be communicated to P.A. Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design & Art with full details.

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